Agriculture takes major role directly or indirectly in improving the economy of our country

Agriculture takes major role directly or indirectly in improving the economy of our country. In current every sector is competitive including agriculture, to compute agriculture sectors will also use information technology (IT) to achieve maximum benefits. Farmers in our country are poor in educational background and the traditional methods are dominating over the modern technology, in this dynamic environment, resulting in bad production rate. This is due to illiterate or less educated farmers having low investment capacity working for the welfare of their people only. To increase the investment capital Ethiopian government are planning and investing a huge amount but due to the lack of information, farmers are unable to utilize them.

The growth of modern technologies from time to time is changing the way institutions handle their business process and the need to adopt these technologies is becoming a business organization to be competitive in the market. However, decision-makers are challenged when it comes to the decision of adopting or not adopting these technologies. The decision to adopt cloud computing or new IT technologies for that matter is usually based on experts’, experiences, vendor’s recommendation, pre-adoption the analysis to determine whether that particular technology meets the strategic goal of the organization or not.
In Ethiopian there are various issues in technology and management, such as fewer agricultural technology service organizations and personnel, less required technical guidance, especially in the breeding, pollution-free crop cultivation and livestock breeding, soil testing, fertilizer, irrigation and soil improvement, meteorological observations and weather forecast were not enough technical support, most of farmers are in a state of blind conformity. Organizational form of production in agriculture is relatively simple, backward, and a low degree of specialization of agricultural production areas, it is difficult to achieve Integrating Agriculture. In addition, due to the limitations of the farmers at market forecasting, business decision-making, information gathering and logistics management capacity is more lacking; it often leads to a mismatch between the supply and demand, not only damages the farmers’ own interests, have also hindered the healthy development of the market supply and demand. To meet the demand of information to the farmers in Ethiopia cloud computing information management will serve their information needs.

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