After 4 years

After 4 years, I along with the team of ALFA opened a primary school, Village Spirit Academy (VSA), in Karawara to foster quality education to promote the love of learning and understanding the importance of education. The main aim of VSA is to promote holistic development of the tribal kids by igniting curiosity and creativity so that they become capable of exploring all the opportunities of employment rather than just menial jobs of laboring, driving, plumbing, etc. In order to pluck them out of the vicious circle of poverty, education needs to be delivered effectively bridging the ever increasing gap between education and the job market promoting experiential learning.
VSA also wishes to inculcate moral values and promote environmental literacy among the students. To match our approach and desire to infuse the value of sustainable development and judicious utilization of resources into the minds of the children since their nascent stage, we want to install solar panels in the school; and run all the electrical appliances with Solar Power. We would be using computers, projectors, water motor, and basic fans and tube lights. If the school receives solar energy it can provide manifold benefits:


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