According to the W

According to the W.H.O. there are more than 1.2 billion are overweight in the world, so the rates of obesity in the world are very high based on the world population which is, of course, one of the important problems in each country of the world. Obesity is a major health issue in the Pacific Islands. In 2015 revealed that the world’s top 10 countries for diabetes were Pacific Island nations and this Cause is actually because of obese

Despite the high unemployment rate and the fact that poverty remains prevalent in Nauru island, hunger in Nauru is not exactly a major concern. However, there are no problems concerning food. According to the world statistic, 94.5 percent of the Nauru Island population is overweight. The big reason for this obesity issue that, there are about 5% of Nauru’s food considered to be “vegetable products,” and as vegetables are main important of a well-balanced diet, so there is no way to avoid obese in the Nauru island. When anthropologist Amy McLennan, of the University of Oxford, had spent one year in Nauru island, she says, “I was lucky to find one vegetable a week.” (Hallett, 2015). There are some strategies that Nauru’s government should force it to reduce this fatal problem such as, in 2014, the government of Nauru island placed a sugar tax by making sugary items more expensive, so the people of Nauru are likely will avoid buying items that include a lot of sugar. the second strategy, increase the economy of the Nauru island by encouraging people in a fishing on that term if Nauran’s were more stable in the economic income, then they would be able to afford healthier foods and people of Nauru would have the opportunity to have a well-balanced diet. 2 With the spotlight on Micronesia’s one of the Pacific Islands that obesity one of the epidemic that dominates them which reaches to 91.1% of the Federated States of Micronesia are overweight, and after a lot of genetic research, the researchers said that obesity in Micronesia island partly due to a genetic issue that all of Micronesia’s people are likely to have the obesity in their genes, and the health care in Micronesia island is very weak. On that term, Micronesia’s government should increase the health care if they have any Intentions to limit obesity by providing more of the Gini adjustment to reduce the obesity. 3 According to the latest World Health Organization figures, Cook Islands is the highest rate of obesity in the world which show that 90.9% of the cook island people are obese and most of them are children, based on that the rulers of this country should focus more on children categories by providing healthy food in school, teach them about the healthy life programs, training for food vendors by encouraging children to buy healthy food, provide fitness instructors in the school and the most important is to political interference in the restriction of selling unhealthy foods to children. 4 According to a recent academic paper published by the UK medical magazine Lancet, 90.8% of Tonga’s people are facing obese. The government imposed an additional excise tax – a so-called ‘fat tax’ on various imported foods, including mutton and industrial chicken. They also need promoting people to emphasize eating traditional foods and encouraging residents to a healthy lifestyle. 5 Among the most obese countries globally 81.7% of the total people who live in Niue island are obese. Currently, the government should focus on things that reduce the obese by doing physical activity festival at the level of the island that every resident should attend the festival, at the same time sell healthy eating. A program called Mai-e-Nima that Tonga Health oversees it, which based on Five-a-Day, that encourages schoolchildren to eat at least five fruit and vegetables a day rather than eat unhealthy snacks. Furthermore, the big risk factor that is very important is school kids that government need to tackle the problem from the primary because I sure believe that if the kids we change the future generation will change.

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To sum up, With agriculture on the decline in many Pacific Island nations, each country in Pacific Island should working at the regional level to improve local agriculture and encourage residents to work and produce agricultural crops for their healthy life. In addition, fishing is also important for the body in two way, one is healthy food second is a healthy activity to change individual behavior. As fast food is very common in these islands, the rulers should format up with chefs on the restaurants to promote healthy local cuisine.


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