According to the Cambridge dictionary language means a system of communication consisting of sounds

According to the Cambridge dictionary language means a system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar, or the system of communication used by people in a particular country or type of work. Nowadays the important of communication is often overlooked. With our language it helps to show our feeling, desire and queries of the world around us. In this essay it will discuss about why the second language is important. I think the second language we should know is English and Mandarin.
Knowledge of the second language can also increase new job opportunities. National Research Council, 2007 mention that studying a foreign language helps students understand English grammar better and improves their overall communication and problem-solving skills. Beyond the intellectual benefits, knowledge of a foreign language facilitates travel, enhances career opportunities, and enables one to learn more about different peoples and cultures. As we know, second language is important if our work involves an individual who only speaks in their own language. This will also help us to make sales and negotiate contracts with them. The second language, for example, the English language is very important. This is because not everyone is able to speak the mother tongue. We only think interpreters can help if they do not understand our language. The lack of learning in this second language shows our weakness. In a meeting for example, Chinese people can talk to each other in their language. Using of interpreter only slows down everything. Most locals are more comfortable using their own language than using other languages.
Vacation trip also need a second language as our guard. We need to know that not all Asian countries are able to speak in English. So we have to learn foreign languages like Mandarin language. The English language may be used in hotels we normally occupy, but if we want to take a walk from outside these places, know the locals, read signs, and find halal’s food know the local language is a useful one. The ability to use foreign languages easy to us to order food, find a way, buy tickets and other that. If we can master their language, it’s easy for us to talk something interesting with them. Besides that, sometime the locals will take the opportunity to trick us. So if we know their language, it’s not easy for them to deceive us.
Second language especially English is important in education. Most countries use English as their second language. Even In many countries too, mostly their reference books especially on subject of science and engineering are in English. Because it is the dominant language in science, and most research and studies we find in any particular scientific field will be written in English. At the university level, many students are studying almost all their subjects in English to make the material accessible to international students.
Beside that, learning second language also give benefits for other academics subject to students. According to Armstrong, 1997 one study found students scored significantly higher in math and language arts after one semester of foreign language study 90 minutes per week. Dumas, 1999 also a said that a study of 13,200 third and fifth graders in Louisiana public schools revealed that, regardless of race, gender, or academic level, children taking foreign language classes did better on the English section of the Louisiana Basic Skills Test than those who did not.
Language allows us to interact with other cultures. Being able to communicate in other languages allows us to appreciate the traditions, religions, art and history of the culture. Curtain ; Dahlberg 2004 says that studies also show that children who learn other languages are more open and show a more positive attitude towards the culture. According to Lemberger 1990, learning a second language can also facilitate teachers to interact with their students. Professional teachers understand the concept of self-esteem with one’s culture is the key to success. Another example that we can


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