According to the announcement of Chinese Government Scholarship program to study in People’s Republic of China for Academic Year 2018/2019 as informed on http

According to the announcement of Chinese Government Scholarship program to study in People’s Republic of China for Academic Year 2018/2019 as informed on, I would like to apply Chinese Government Scholarship for Master’s Degree Program (Master of Surgery Program)
It’s my great honor to write this study plan, my name is Wilson Adrian Wijaya, a 6th-year undergraduate clinical medicine student from prestigious West China Medical School of Sichuan University. I am scheduled to be graduate on June 30, 2018. I have finished both of my pre-clinical and clinical course for five years. Recently, I am doing my last year internship rotation at Sichuan University West China Hospital.
I was born in Indonesia on February 21, 1995, to a Chinese descent family. Grew up in the middle of a middle – class family, makes me experienced how difficult is getting health care facilities for those in need. The field of medicine made an impact in my life when I first time saw the health conditions in Papua, the eastern part of Indonesia, where both of the healthcare facilities and equipment are so under maintained or unavailable. Most of the people couldn’t get the treatment they need due to lack of accessible healthcare services and the shortage of medical personnel. Consequently, lack of healthcare education, communicable diseases (such as malaria, HIV-AIDS) spread uncontrollably, thus, mortality rates among the population increased. Papua has simply seized my attention related to health problems. In my young mind, a desire to become a doctor began to grow, I want to be someone who is meaningful to people’s lives. Besides, I have long admired the humanitarian organization, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), or Doctor Without Borders, I hope by joining the MSF, I could use my compassion to serve people no matter what their age, gender, race, background, and culture are. Therefore, I think that pursuing a career as a physician, will give me the opportunity to improve the health quality condition to underserved population also for who do not have as much access to medical services as other privileged groups.
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” this philosophy built my foundation to pursue my career in medicine. I began my first step in September 2012, when I entered Sichuan University in China and majored in the six-year program of clinical medicine (MBBS). I consider myself privileged to have the opportunity to pursue my dream to study medicine. Throughout my studies, education has become one of my important and inseparable part of my life. Attending some medical forum and foreign medical electives program has become my routine. Besides, I have always striven for academic excellence. During these 5 years, I have to put my efforts into maintaining the highest level of academic achievement. I have received several outstanding student scholarships since I began my college studies. Apart from academic performances, I always actively observed and being involved in hospital works in my spare times, especially during summer holiday. I greatly enjoy working in the clinical setting, it could explain my scientific curiosity into clinical experiences, which could enrich my knowledge about medicine. Also, I could observe the daily life of a doctor, obtain a good understanding of the realities in medicines, and most importantly I could bring my dedication to treat the patients through clinical shadowing in the hospital. The process I have done through all these years made me decided to continue my further postgraduate studies at Sichuan University and to be specific, in the Department of Surgery.
The main reason I choose West China Medical School of Sichuan University and this program is because it’s credibility and the hospital is well-known as the best teaching hospital in Mainland China. Furthermore, most doctors and scientists who are published experts in their fields and has a vast clinical research that is dedicated to saving lives and shaping the future medicine. It will be my greatest pleasure if I could study in such outstanding teaching hospital. I believe that the higher education offered at Sichuan University will show me the way to success. Moreover, Sichuan University located in Chengdu city, one of the best cities I have visited so far.


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