ABSTRACT The project “DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD” is related with the advanced communication and display

The project “DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD” is related with the advanced communication and display. This project is the alternative of the manually handled/maintained notice board, which involves human efforts and other factors replaced by the technology. Basically, in this we used Raspberry pi as the hardware i.e. main processing unit. We have used GUI on the OS that is easier to operate (user-friendly). At the display or receiver side, the screen will be partitioned in sections in-order to display multiple notices.

Wireless is a favoured technology, that allows to exchange data wirelessly over a network including high speed wireless connection. Here, in the project we has established the private network between the transmitter and the receiver, and data is transmitted using Wifi, the GUI is provided to the authenticated user, and the display , alternation or removal of the notices can be controlled according to the requirement.

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In the upcoming era of technology, we want the controls over finger tips. The hunger for automation brought many revolutions in the existing technologies. Notice board is the way of communicating or promoting the important information to a large community in a smarter way. Also we aim to reduce human efforts, paper work, be nature friendly and enhanced in every field. Notice board has been an essential part of educational life, so even being advanced in other field, it is so compulsory to be evolved in small contributions of notice board that has main role to play for notifying important events.


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