A character trait of Hester is obsessive

A character trait of Hester is obsessive, she’s obsessed with the memory of how things use to be, with the house and with her own memories of when her father was alive. Any time Ruth tried to change something about, whether it was new furniture or drapes, she got upset. She got upset when Ruth touched the picture of her father, “Can’t I have anything of my own? Must you put your fingers on everything I have?” Hester followed a routine, it shows obsessive compulsive disorder with how she likes everything to be done at certain times and she always kept her dads room locked. At night she put her father’s slippers beside his chair, and grab the bible and start reading the bible out loud, as if her father was still alive. She dreamed of the time when everything was the way it use to be. She never wanted things to change. She made sure that everything was set up as it was when her father was alive. She was even willing to get rid of her brother and his wife to keep things as she believed they should be. “You’re going now. That’s right. I told you you should go.” She tells Ruth, when Ruth goes out to find Bruce after realizing that the lantern hadn’t been filled, Ruth had asked Hester to fill it, but Hester never did, and Ruth left to find Bruce with a half filled lantern, in a blizzard. Near the end it seemed that Hester wasn’t in her mind, her obsessive behavior overwhelmed her compassion or any other human quilts she may have possessed.


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