A beautiful mind is a movie about a man named John nash who went to school at princeton to study mathematics and suffered from a mental illness called schizophrenia

A beautiful mind is a movie about a man named John nash who went to school at princeton to study mathematics and suffered from a mental illness called schizophrenia. When he was staying on campus he made a few friends. He had a roommate who’s name was charles who wasn’t real and john didn’t know because he was a hallucination but he was real to him. That’s when his symptoms started and for a while he was fine but it progressed over time and it got worse. He started skipping classes and his headmaster had informed him that he’s not going to graduate until he finishes his thesis paper. This actually encouraged john to look for an idea for his thesis paper.

He encountered many problems while he stayed on campus. One problem was he and his friends all went to the bar and a couple of women walked into the bar that night and he went to go talk to one of the ladies and he started talking and as they were he said a few things that were inappropriate and the woman ended up slapping him in the face. After that he hurried out of the bar and to start working on his theory called game theory. John accepted an appointment at the Massachusetts institute of technology after he completed his studies at Princeton university with is two friends sol and bender.

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After 5 years at MIT and while lecturing a class calculus he had left a very hard problem on the board to challenge his students to answer. One of his students Alicia Larde showed up at his office to talk about the problem. From there him and alicia developed a very good friendship, fell in love later and got married. John . His friend charles and niece showed up to visit him once and john loved marcee. In the movie while john is talking to charles you’ll see marcee run through a group of pigeons and they don’t fly away.

John was invited to a top secret facility of the department of defense in the pentagon solve a very complicated problem of an alleged enemy communication. John figured out the code mentally that left the other people shocked. In the same are john met parcher who was a member of the united states department of defense. Parcher monitored his work from a room up above that was partially covered up.

Parcher gave him a new project to search for patterns and clues in newspapers and magazines to prevent a plot by the enemies. Parcher had john write a report of what he found and deliver the reports in a particular mailbox. John became more obsessed and suspicious and began to act unpredictably after he was pursued the Russian and a gun fire exchange when he was delivering one of his packages.

Alicia went to a psychiatric hospital after she saw his behavior getting worse. When john was giving a lecture at Princeton university he became conscious of these two men who were standing right by the entrance where john could see them. He tried to run from them but they sedated him. Those men were with the psychiatric ward.
They took him to Psychiatric facility. This convinced john that the Russians were trying to get information from him. When he was in his room once he was digging in his arm trying to get this implant out of his arm that the Russian put in there and he soon realizes when the doctors came that there was never really an implant in his arm so he was just digging in his flesh. The implant was put in their by the pentagon. Alicia went to see the mailbox and she found the top secret documents that john had been delivering to parcher. She was surprised to see that all the top secret documents were unopened. John was later convinced that it was all a hallucination. he was confronted with the fact that the Department of Defense agent William Parcher.

He was even more surprised to learn that his friend and former roommate Charles and his niece Marcee were also hallucinations. John was subjected to insulin shock therapy sessions and was later released on the requirement that he consented to take medication.The drugs had a negative side effects that have a effect on his emotional and sexual connection with his wife.

He was so frustrated that he stopped taking his medication in secret and hid away the pills that resulted in a relapse of johns psychosis with alicia not being aware of him not taking his medication. In one occasion John was bathing his son and was distracted and wandered away into the backyard. Alicia was hanging laundry up at the time when she noticed that the back gate was opened. She found out that John has converted a shed in the grove of the trees into a workshop for johns assignments for parcher .

When Alicia realized that John had left the baby in the bathtub tub with the water filling she rushed to the house and luckily on time to save the baby. John has thought that Charles was looking after the baby when he went out to the shed. This left Alicia in disbelief and she immediately called the psychiatric ward. All of a sudden John was Parcher who was pressuring him to kill Alicia and john told him not. John rejected parchers instructions in anger but he saw parcher suddenly pull out a gun on alicia.

John charged at parcher in response but ended up accidentally bumping into alicia to the ground scaring her. Alicia ran out of the house in fear with their child. John blocked alicia in front of her car trying to stop her from leaving. In the middle of confusion , john was starting to realize once again that charles and marcee is a hallucination since she continuously looked the same age and remained the same age even though years have went by since they first met. With him knowing alicia tells john that she’s not real.

It was the turning point for john when he acknowledge that even parcher, charles, and marcee appear real , they are just a figment of his imagination. After all of those things had happened alicia was going to send him back to the psychiatric war but after they talked him and alicia both made the decision to let him stay even though he tried to kill her. At one point in time john said goodbye to marcee,Charles, and parcher. Even with john telling marcee and Charles that he would no longer talk them they were still talking to john even though he was ignoring them.John had trained himself to ignore them.

John grew older and made contact with one of his old friends from Princeton martin Hansen who was now the head of the mathematicians department at Princeton. Martin gave permission for john to work out of the library and audit classes. Although john still experienced hallucinations and now taking new medication. He eventually was able to live with and for the most part ignored his psychotic occurrences. John adapted to his situation in steps and amusingly verified new friends and contacts to make sure they are real people and not hallucinations. In the end john got the opportunity to teach again. His fellow professors paid tribute to him for his accomplishments in mathematics.


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