a. Analyse the SWOT of the Old Town White Coffee Cafe.
First of all, every company has their own strengths to develop in their own company so that they can enhance their strength and become more powerful. The strength of the Old Town White Coffee cafe is having a well-trained human resource in the company. Old Town White Coffee cafe has provided training and having a recruitment support in certain areas in Ipoh, Malaysia. The manager from each outlet of the Old Town White Coffee cafe is entitled to lead and control the employees that the manager with experiences and knowledge and suitable enough in the area. Then, they are able to discover the right adaptable strategies for the company. Moreover, the staff is provided or guided a special training, which is the greeting and helping the customers if the customers have any problems in term of ordering. The staff needs to understand the order and knowing well the menu so that the staff can easily know what the order that the customer had ordered and reduced the human errors in the orders. The Old Town White Coffee cafe has hired the well-trained workers as their waiters and waitress to deliver and serve their customers politely. However, the employees will be led by two managers which are playing a vital role so that to help the employees to accomplish their goal and provide a good customer service.
Next, the Old Town White Coffee cafe adopts the computer system for the order. The Old Town White Coffee cafe carried out the operation by adopting the computer system for the order. After the customers had written the orders in a piece of the paper, which provided to the customers. The workers will key in the orders that the customers had ordered in the computer system so that the kitchen will be receiving the orders too. Then, the staff will print out a receipt for the customer regarding the order being processed. Once the kitchen has received the orders, they will start to prepare and cook the meals for the customers. The cafe can access the bill by retrieving the records and data by having the computer system so that the process can be more efficient and effective. In addition, it shows the list of the orders and the price of the foods and with the total’s amount for each tablet. The computer system shows a clearer picture of the order and also help the employees to handle the services of the customers efficiently.
Besides, the Old Town White Coffee cafe has a systematic of the operation in the kitchen. The kitchen operation is divided into three phases such as meals or food, wash or clean and beverage and toast. There will have more than ten employees with well-trained handled by them. The employees will be using the purified water for cooking, beverages, and washing in the kitchen. In fact, the purified water is functioned by the mechanically filtered water or the processed for the consumption should be cleaned. Therefore, the Old Town White Coffee cafe is looking serious toward the cleanliness of the cafe and the kitchen to ensure that provided a clean hygienic environment for the customers.
The weaknesses that Old Town White Coffee cafe faced is the time estimation. Time estimation is important to the company because to determine how well the company can manage it on time and punctual. For example, one of the customers complained that most of the customers and he himself waited for meals for an hour. Some of the customers also left the cafe because of waiting for a long time for the meal. Moreover, it also wasted the time of the customers (TripAdvisor 2016)(Appendix 1). It caused the customers unhappy and could not enjoyable with the meals. However, it also will cause the cafe has a bad reputation.
Other than that, Old Town White Coffee cafe has a lot of branches in Malaysia and this may cause the quality of the food control has problems. This is because employees in different outlets have different kinds of cooking skills and it is also difficult to train the employees to cook exactly the same taste in every outlet. Thus, it will bring the quality and standard difficulty of the cafe. For example, the customer commented that the quality and the standard of the foods did not meet up her expectation and make her so disappointed with the foods. If the Old Town White Coffee cafe improved the quality of the foods and it will be nice and worth for the price (TripAdvisor 2015)(Appendix 2). However, it shows that the cafe can produce a quality and standard foods to satisfy the customer’s needs.
Apart from that, the weakness of the Old Town White Coffee cafe is the employees do not follow the rules and regulations of the company’s policy. For instance, the customer unhappy with the services in the cafe which is the cafe had to provide the operation hour services is 24 hours every day. However, the staff asked the customers to leave by 3 a.m. so that they could close the cafe. This shows that however the cafe provides the 24 hours services but the staff did not follow and comply with the rules and regulation with the policy of the cafe that they had obtained. Some of the customers hope that have 24 hours cafe so that they can a cup of coffee to relax after long hours of tiring works. This is because there are not many of the cafes provides this kind of services which is the 24 hours services. Moreover, it will put down the profit of the cafe with a bad reputation and services from the staff to the customers.
The opportunities analysis that the Old Town White Coffee cafe is the global market. Old Town White Coffee cafe has the opportunity to provide delivery services to the customers due to there are a lot of company or cafe have this services such as Domino Pizza and Pizza Hut have the delivery services. Nowadays, most of the people or office workers will think of what to eat for their meals. This is because after from a tiring works still need to think about what to eat and because of tiring to drive out to buy a meal. It is a good opportunity for the cafe if they can provide the delivery services as it is convenient for customers and also it will increase the profit of the cafe.
Apart from that, Old Town White Coffee cafe have the opportunity to promote the foods in the menu through culture. Old Town White Coffee cafe uses the sign of the customers from different countries having a different culture and also the customers from the difficult states will be attracted by the promotion. It reflects that the promotion is unique and can be promoting the specific culture to every customer especially the customer came from overseas or the tourist from overseas. This is a successful way of achieving in the foreign and domestics markets.
Last but not least is the threats. Threats will bring harm or disadvantages to the company. The Old Town White Coffee cafe will face the threats are the competitors. Old Town White Coffee cafe has confronted with the limitation of the expended market such as the US and Europe country. This is because they have too strong competitors like Starbucks cafe and the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Cafe. Starbucks cafe has a high reputation in the world and the amount of the capital to expand is higher than Old Town White Coffee. This is because due to the increasing culture in the global relationships, economic activity and people in surrounding could be affected by the global distribution with the good and services of the cafe. Therefore, the new entrants are easy to enter into the markets and also the competition will increase in the specific markets.
Next, Old Town White Coffee cafe also facing a threat which is the product imitation in the menu. There is the possible having high product imitation. This is because the foods in the menu are very common and similar foods in their own company, so it may cause to have a lot of competitors and the market share will be reduced in the global. Then, the threat is the price of raw materials. When the price of raw materials increased which means that the product also will be an increase too. When Old Town White Coffee cafe buys the raw materials at high prices, the foods will be a slight increase in the price of the foods.
On the other hand, the risk of substitute is also one of the threat to be considered. This is because no one will know that the market of the cafe will grow or will decline and is still favorable to the customers. There will be other types of foods and beverage in the future or other than leisurely activity will be replacing the cafe business in the upcoming year.


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