A. There is a great reliance on technology to solve the present energy crises which have become a plague to my country and some other African countries as well. However, as an Electrical Engineer, It is my duty to design and develop clean energy technologies that will increase the pace of industrial development and ensure full sustainable economic development that benefits society in a holistic way now and in future.

B. Being a member of Agulu Town Youth Union, I belong to the skill acquisition and entrepreneurship department where I engage in training of undergraduate students of the association various skills in the fields of computer, electrical and electronic engineering. These include; tutorials on computer software’s like AutoCAD and Microsoft office, the design of simple solar-powered electronic appliances like fan, radio, and lamp. I help them as they develop their personal and group prototypes. I constantly give the high school students’ member career talk on engineering: its importance and benefits to society. I help to supervise projects done by Anaocha Local Government Graduates Association, since February 2016 I became a member. One of the projects is design and installation of twenty-six solar-powered street lights in communities within the local government.

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C. When someone is given much, much is required in return; and when someone is entrusted with much, even more, is required. Therefore, I intend to apply for a teaching place in Nigeria when I am done with this study. Nigeria and Africa are in dire need of Power Engineers especially in the field of Renewable Energy Technology, as such being able to transfer the knowledge I would have acquired while studying in Canada would be a big step in my career. I won’t be limited to teaching alone; I will also be consulting for institutions, electricity companies and organizations worldwide.


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