? Standard Chartered Bank Limited(SCBL):
The online banking services provided by SCBL allows its customers to bank from anywhere, anytime with full confidentiality and security. Surprisingly the service is totally free of cost. SCBL has maintained some differentiate guidelines in this regard. These are as given as follows:
• Instant Fund Transfer(IFT): From Standard Chartered account to Standard Chartered account Daily Transfer limit = BDT 5lacs;
• General Fund Transfer(GFT): From Standard Chartered account to any BEFTN member bank account Daily Transfer limit = BDT 5lacs;
• Online Bill Payment (OBP): From Standard Chartered account to any other banks account through telecom operators GrameenPhone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtle, Citicell.
This bank also provides online banking a smatter way by launching its on aps named as “Standard Chartered Mobile (MY), which is currently available at google play store and very easy to operate for its accountholder clients and other.

? Sonali Bank Limited (SBL):
In the arena of public sector, Sonali bank has perhaps the largest number of branches providing online banking services. The present number of branches under the online Any Branch Banking (ABB) network is 1210. The bank is also working on connecting all the branches in Real-time online banking network. Branches having Any Branch Banking (ABB) network are also rendering SMS banking services.

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? Rupali Bank Limited (RBL):
RBL has already brought its all branches under online banking network. From now RBL clients will be able to have transaction services through online network from anywhere of Bangladesh at any time. To ensure greater customer satisfaction along with transparency and efficiency and to modernize its services, RBL has introduced All Out Automation (AOA) system in all banking activities. Through online banking services provided by RBL, its account holders of all 563 branches will get access to all monetary transactions.

? BRAC Bank Limited (BBL):
BBL is one of the pioneer bank in online banking service provider in Bangladesh. To ensure the transferability of information between customer’s computer and its own server, BRAC bank uses the most advanced commercially available Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. After registration for online service, customer need a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to generate a random OTP (one time password) through which the customer can login from anywhere at any time. In this regard 2FA works as a hardware token or software token for successful transaction.

? Prime Bank Limited (PBL):
To provide online banking service, PBL has set up a Wide Area Network (WAN) throughout the country. Under this system, accountholder of any branch can be able to make online transaction to any other branch of the bank. The client has can be able to do the following types transaction:
• Cash deposit the clients’ account at any branch of the bank irrespective of location;
• Cash withdrawal from the clients’ account at any branch of the bank irrespective of location;
• Cash deposit in other’s account at any branch of the bank irrespective of location;
• Transfer of money from the clients’ account with any branch of the bank.


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