The main thrust of the study was to determine the

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effect of romantic relationshipsto the academic performance of male and female BS Computer Science 2 students ofthe University of the Philippines Cebu College (A.Y. 2011-2012, First Sem) who wereinvolved in a romantic relationship during the academic year 2010-2011.Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions:1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:a. gender,b. general weighted average in the A.Y 2010-2011 1
sem,c. general weighted average in the A.Y. 2010-2011 2
sem?2. What is the status of time management of the respondents:a. in studying,b. with their partner?3. What is the level of anxiety of the respondents in playing their role as astudent?4. What is the level of motivation of the respondents in playing their role as astudent?5. Is there a significant relationship between the academic performance andtime management of the respondents?6. Is there a significant correlation between academic performance and :a. levels of anxiety,b

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During adolescence, teens become interested and involved in dating because ofthe desire to belong with others. As a result, it is clear that over the time, romanticrelationships gain in importance. Adolescents crave to have an intimate romanticrelationship to which love is given and received without restriction
It is a
ccording to theneed to belong theory by which individuals have the determination to connect withothers in enduring, close relationships.

Furthermore, the theory states that humans
the same need to be a part or connected with other individuals, and claims thatall individuals may live life better if they are connected. Myers (2010) supported theneed to belong theory by asserting that people who find a person complimenting theirneeds to whom they can share their problems with, makes those people moreacknowledgeable. Belongingness is supported by close, intimate relationship whichtends to be healthier and happier


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