6.) Boaz
Boaz was the kinsman redeemer from the tribe of Elimelech who allowed Ruth to glean in his field out of kindness and concern so that she and Naomi could be provided for. He redeems the family line of Elimelech by marrying Ruth and bearing their son Obed together.
(Ruth 4:13-15, Ruth 4:21-22)

7.) Cain
Cain is the eldest son of Adam and Eve. When the Lord showed favor to his brother Abel’s offering, Cain murdered him out of jealousy. He was punished by God by being sent out of the land and a mark was placed on his forehead. Cain expressed his worry that his exile from the land would only make him more susceptible to be killed and targeted. Thus, the Lord said that vengeance seven-fold would come over anyone who tried to kill him.
(Genesis 2:15, Genesis 4:8)

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8.) Daniel
During the time king Nebuchadnezzar laid siege upon Jerusalem, Daniel and his friends from Judah were brought to Babylon since the king called for young men of nobility, skilled in the Chaldean language to be trained for three years. Daniel demonstrated faithfulness by refusing to bow down to the golden statue the king commanded everyone to worship and boldness in praying to God despite Cyrus’ decree for people to pray only to him. He also held the ability to interpret the significance behind King Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams, and read divine hand-writing on a wall. He also interpreted his own vision of the four beasts.
(Daniel 1:8, Daniel 6:3)

9.) David
David, the youngest son of Jesse and chosen man to rule the people of Israel, began his life as a humble shepherd and a harp player for King Saul. With his slingshot, he managed to kill the Philistine Goliath. After Saul’s death, David ruled as an Israelite king over the land of Hebron and later Jerusalem, notably bringing in the ark of the covenant. The prophet Nathan confronted him during his reign after he killed the soldier Uriah to be with Bathsheba. He cried out to God for help because of his failures.
(1 Samuel16:13, 2 Samuel 12:24)

10.) Eli
Eli was Israel’s head priest who served in the house of the Lord while Samuel began his ministry. His two sons, Hophni and Phinehas, brought him overwhelming sadness since they blasphemed against God and engaged in sexual activites in the holy parts of the temple. At the end of Eli’s life, the ark of the covenant was captured by the Philistines and he died falling out of a chair.
(1 Samuel 1:17-20, 1 Samuel 23:1-2)

11.) Elijah
He came from the land of Tishbe in Gilead to serve as a prophet of the Lord during the rule of king Ahab. He is provided for by the ravens God sends to him with food while living in secret near Cherith. At Mount Carmel, Elijah rebukes the people of Israel for their Baal worship and shows the power of God when calling upon Him to set fire to bull. He flees to the wilderness and fears for his life, but God protects him. He is succeeded by Elisha who was given a double-portion of his spirit and taken up to heaven in a whirlwind.
(1 Kings 18:16-40, 1 Kings 19:19)

12.) Elisha
He is the son of Shaphat and prophet who received the spirit of Elijah over him. He parted the waters of the Jordan river and was able to cross, like how Joshua parted the river to walk through earlier. God blessed him with the power to bring the Shunammite woman’s son back to life and restore Naaman back to health from his physical struggles with leprosy.
(1 Kings 19:19, 2 Kings 2:9-14)

13.) Esau
He was the son of Isaac and twin brother of Jacob. He and his brother wrestled in the womb of Rebekah, and Jacob held onto his heel. His name alters to Edom after selling his birthright to his brother for some of his stew when arriving back home from a long day of hunting.
(Genesis 25:34, Genesis 33:4)

14.) Esther
Esther, also called Hadassah, was raised by her uncle Mordecai of the tribe of Benjamin. Among many other women in Susa, he was brought to King Ahasuerus’ kingdom and put under the safety of a man named Hegai. She won favor in the eyes of the king to see if she was favorable in the eyes of the king himself and became queen of Persia. She prepared a banquet feast for the king, revealing to him that she was a Jew, and someone is plotting against her people (i.e. Heman). She saves the Jews from destruction because of her boldness and faith in God’s protection.
(Esther 2:7, Esther 7:3-6, Esther 8:3-8)

15.) Eve
She was created out of the rib of her husband. She was approached by a serpent in the Garden of Eden. He tempts her with fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge, telling her that she will gain discernment and wisdom. God curses her with the pain of childbirth after having consumed of the fruit.
(Genesis 2:22, Genesis 3:1-6)


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