Based on the identified findings, the following possible recommendations may be made for better working of the public sectors in Shabe Sombo woreda
• since the present condition of good governance is not satisfactory; the public sectors in Shabe Sombo woreda have to establish a separate department that provides training on the issues of good governance. In addition, they have to identify the common challenges of good governance in collaboration with their stakeholders. This would help in avoiding the misuse of the scarce human, financial, and material resources and enables to deliver efficient and effective municipal services to the customers. Moreover, it will be better to promote accountability, transparency, participation, efficiency, effectiveness and rule of laws in the public sectors. This also enables the public sectors to achieve the objectives and goals for which they are established.
• Based on the findings of the study, with regard to the measures that have to be taken to solve the challenges of good governance, the researcher recommends that the public sectors have to provide series of trainings to the officials, employees and the community to solve the major challenges of good governance related with the attitude of the service providers in the public sectors. These trainings must also focus on the issues like principles of good governance; rent seeking thinking and its effect; and accountability and transparency issues just to mention few. This, on the other hand, helps the public sector in familiarizing their employees with the concepts, issues and principles of good governance and also contributes to a large extent, to address and solve the major challenges of good governance.
• Properly identifying and wisely using opportunities in the process of exercising good governance is very crucial in providing efficient service to the customers. Therefore, it is recommended that the leadership of the public sectors have to identify the opportunities in their public sector, properly use the greatest attention given to ensure good governance at the country level, work hard, and properly evaluate its progress to strengthen the implementation of the tools of management. The new blooded leadership of the zonal administration has to make a serious follow up, establish proper linkage and also provide adequate support to the municipalities so as to make them strong enough.
• Commitment from the leadership of the public sector, creating awareness about good governance to the civil service providers and users, filling positions with qualified and skilled human power were found very important solutions in the effort to solve the challenges of good governance in the municipalities.
In general for governance not to be poor in public institutions training and awareness creation of officials and public institution employees through training, workshops and seminars, through pamphlets, journals and regional Medias is necessary. In addition follow up mechanisms concerning implementation of good governance in institutions have great role if they are established by institutions. Creating awareness about good governance especially using regional Medias and let them struggle the absence of good governance in public institutions. Lastly, institutional mechanisms should be established for discussion with the society regarding good governances. Having not ensuring what are described above could be causes for poor. The consequent results of poor governance would probably be decrease institutional responsibility discharging capacity, damage society (customers) living and hinders government and it blocks expansion of investments, SMEs and trade.

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