2.The Three Components of Moving and Handling Programmes at my Workplace are as follows:
? Risk assessment: Accessing about task and the environment to ensure to have minimised all risks for care giver and resident beforehand is called risk assessment. The main goal of risk assessment is to recognize the hazards.
? Load- Evaluate all the factors that need to be considered, not just the weight. How that weight is distributed and how it behaves is important.
? Individual- It is important to link the skills and abilities of the person carrying out the task with the requirements of the task itself. Consider the patient Weight, Height, Shape, BMI, Dependency.

? Task- Clearly define what the task is and what needs to be achieved. It may be necessary to sub-divide and analyse these sub sections individually.
? Environment- Analyse the environment where the move is being carried out. Slippery surface, awkward position (bathroom, chair).
? Training: Hazardous manual handling task has been eliminated, training and information for employees will be required. Information and training are specific to the tasks performed;
• how to do the task properly and safely
• the hazards associated with the job
• the principles of safe handling
• how to use equipment such as lifting aids properly and safely.

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? Documentation: In terms of the Healthy and Safety in the workplace 2015, Work safe needs to be informed of all notifiable deaths, injuries or illnesses. This can be done by phoning work safe or by the completing the online notification form or by completing the notifiable death, injury or illnesses form which can then be emailed or faxed to work safe NZ.
A notifiable event is any of the following that occurs because of work;
– Death
– Notifiable illness or injury i.e.,
? This can be a serious injury to the head, eye, spinal injury and serious burns.
? Amputation-any part of the body that requires immediate treatment other than first aid
? Serious laceration, skin separation and any injury that requires the person to be admitted to hospital for immediate treatment.
Deaths and injuries or illness that are unrelated to work are not notifiable i.e. injuries to residents that are triggered by a medical reason e.g. fracture due to fall from dizziness.

3. Occupational Hazards at my workplace for carers
Hazard is defined as a possibility of harm caused due to objects, events, people.
a) Long shifts and working hours
Work pressure and working for a long-time cause employee physically or mentally harm or stress. So, time management should be according to the hour of shifts for 8 hours shift there should be one tea break for 15 minutes and meal break for 30 minutes while for 12 hours shift ,30 minutes tea break and 1-hour meal break is necessary.
b) Work environment
? The lack of space to carry out moving and handling tasks.
? Increase the available space for manual handling by removing unnecessary equipment, redesigning the layout or altering or changing the location of the task.
c) Body mechanics/ body movements
When planning a patient moving or handling exercise consider the following:
? Maintain a wide, stable base with your feet
? Adjust the bed to the correct height
? Avoid twisting or rotating your spine
? Minimize reach by keeping the weight close to your body


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