2.5. Components of trafficking and forced labour
According to International Labour Organization (2011), define trafficking in persons that consists of three essential components; recruitment by force or deception; Transportation within a country or across borders legally or illegally, and Exploitation traffickers financially benefit through the use or sale of the victim.
2.5.1. Recruitment
Research Conducted by Play Therapy Africa Ltd (2011), state on how people enter the process of trafficking through recruitment by other people as follow:
“According to them, most are lured into the process by a false promise of an opportunity, deceived by misinformation or lies, or pushed by need or desperation. In some cases, victims are aware that they are to be employed in a given activity but do not know the conditions in which they were working. In other situations, victims were coerced, in extreme cases abducted. The recruitment also made by families, relatives, friends, neighbors, brokers, or recruitment agencies”.


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