(“Overall physical health and quality of life satisfaction: Two single items capture the personal overall evaluation of physical health (“How would you rate your health”) and satisfaction with quality of life (“Are you satisfied with your quality of life”). There are two components to the remaining items. A core section to do with personal and interpersonal quality of life (“Core FertiQol”) and an optional section to do with treatment (“Treatment FertiQol”).”)
(“Personal quality of life: 12 items assess impact of fertility problems in the emotional (6 items) and mind-body (6 items) domains. The Emotional subscale assesses the extent to which the individual experiences the syndrome of negative emotions commonly associated with the experience of fertility problems (e.g., jealousy & resentment, sadness, depression). The Mind-Body subscale assesses to what extent the individual experiences negative physical symptoms (e.g., fatigue, pain) and cognitive or behavioral disruptions (e.g., poor concentration, disrupted daily activities, delayed life plans) as a result of the infertility.”)


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