1. Explain the procedures and protocols that are in place within your own organisation that must be considered when coordinating business resources.
• Coordinate business resources can be the responsibility of a number of different people within an organization as purchasing staff, human resources, logistics or accounts, as well as line managers and specialists.
• You must take into account the budget of the organization for the allocation of inventory and supplies and so that you can obtain and request material and equipment within the price range assigned for these.
• Complete appropriate documentation.
• Have a second provider option that can provide any resource if needed urgently when the main supplier is out of inventory
2. What business equipment is used within your organisation?
• High-quality espresso machine.
• Refrigeration system.
• Containers and jars.
• Ovens, toasters, devices used for cooking.
• Security system.
• Shelving.
• Freezers to maintain cold product storage.
• Industrial blenders.
• POS system and hardware.
3. Outline the functions of this equipment and give examples of common faults associated with them.
• High-quality espresso machine:
This equipment is used to make typical coffee as express, either alone or combined with steamed milk.
One of the faults that can have is that the industry that manages these equipment is in expansion what it means b is that it can make your budget rise.
An other flaw is that if the equipment presents some fault the spare parts can be expensive and they cannot be easy to obtain depending on the supplier to whom you buy it.
• Refrigeration system:
You will have food to keep refrigerated and fresh dairy products. This requires refrigeration, both in display cabinets and countertops and refrigerator units behind the bar.
This equipment must be in constant maintenance so that they will not present any problem and end up damaging all the raw material if they stop working correctly.
• Containers and jars:
The cafeterias require the use of a large amount of inputs, you must have boxes and boxes to store all these products. you must have an effective storage system to be more efficient when you are working Partner with a local or reliable retailer of restaurant supplies, buy in bulk and plan your system carefully and effectively.
• Ovens, toasters, devices used for cooking:
Cafeterias usually has a small selection of hot food; this is why equipment is needed to prepare food quickly.
This equipment must be in constant maintenance so that they will not present any problem and thus not causing losses by having to temporarily stop selling baked goods.
• Security system.
Every business needs a system to deter crime in and around your business. This can include security equipment such as cameras, burglar alarms, both in the cafeteria and in the front and rear doors.
• Shelving:
In the cafeteria business you need shelves to allocate different products, either for use in the preparations or to serve the products, or for merchandise or accessories that are to sell and earn extra money.
• Freezers to maintain cold product storage:
If the coffee makers intend to sell food and drink combinations, you will need freezers, both in the front of your coffee shop where your baristas work, and in the back where the inventory is stored.
• Industrial blenders:
This is used to blend product such as fruit juices or coffee milkshakes.
The common fault could be that the buttons stop working or the blades stop grinding properly.
• POS system and hardware:
It is necessary to have a POS system to have a more efficient and reliable tracking of data and inventories, payment procedures.
4. Scenario: It is your responsibility to coordinate the business resources within your organisation. Based on what you have read in the student workbook and discussed in class, create a table with columns and list all of the relevant documents that will be needed whilst coordinating the business resources.
Columns should be titled:
How you will determine the resource requirements. • To determine the required resource, you will need to construct a resource plan, like a table, to identify all the resources needed to complete any project such as: labour, equipment and materials.
• You should also need to generate a schedule indicating when each resource will be used for.
• the table will help you identify:
? The types of labor required for the project.
? Roles and responsibilities for each labor type.
? The number of people that we need to fill each role.
? Equipment that we need to be used and their purposes.
? Types and quantities of equipment needed.
? Total amount of materials needed
• This plan will also help to plan the dates for using or consuming these resources and identify the amount of resource required per project.
• Create a detailed resource utilization program.
The processes you will use to acquire and allocate resources • When defining the needs of the project to be completed, you can identify the amount that is needed to develop this task. Based on that, an organization can begin to acquire the correct amount of resources.
• An organization also needs to know when the project must be completed in order to allocate resources, to meet specific needs.
• Initially, the assets, resources and personnel that will be needed to complete the project must be specified.
• An organization needs to know the proper way to acquire the resources they need. This may involve assigning certain responsibilities to the employees to achieve the acquisition of required resources. It is also necessary to define the plans for the equipment, the adequate training for the management of these and the facilities involved in the project.
The methods you will use to monitor resource allocation and usage • We must ensure that we are handling the resources in accordance with established in OHS requirement.
• By monitoring the use of the equipment you have to ensure that only the staff that are allocated and trained to use specific equipment should be doing so. if the usage is being recorded and monitored, any breakdowns will be known immediately and the appropriate repair can be done.
• The stock levels are another resource that needs to me monitored, it should be recorded effectively in order to know when to restock. We need a specific group of people in charge of it. To record it we can be done manually or by using a computer and we have to take into account the budget.
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How you will report resource allocation and usage


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