1) creation and preservation in artificial conditions of collections of living plants (especially rare and endangered species) and other botanical objects having great scientific, educational, economic and cultural significance;
2) preservation, study and enrichment of the gene pool of plants of the natural and cultural flora through the creation, preservation and development of botanical collections;
3) implementation of educational, educational and innovation activities.
9. Objectives of the Botanical Garden:
1) development of scientific bases and methods of conservation and protection of the gene pool of plants of natural and cultural flora, introduction and acclimatization of plants, biotechnology, plant physiology and ecology;
2) conducting educational, pedagogical, educational and educational work in the field of botany, environmental protection, ecology, plant breeding and selection, decorative horticulture and landscape architecture among all segments of the population of the region (implementation of the principles of education);
3) rational use of plant resources;
4) achievement of results of high efficiency in global conservation of plant resources and sustainable development of the country and region;
5) conservation of existing ecosystems and natural complexes;
6) outrunning methodological and practical work on conservation and restoration of disturbed ecosystems;
7) the acquisition of knowledge and experience necessary for growing locally relevant varieties of flora while changing climatic regimes;
8) informing and educating the population of the region about the country’s development strategies taking into account climate change and the resulting environmental consequences and problems;
9) providing a contribution to the conservation, restoration and study of ecosystems, biological and landscape diversity, renewable natural resources of the steppe zone, a healthy environment for the life of present and future generations, stabilization of the ecological situation, environmental education of the population, research of natural processes, fulfillment of international obligations of the Russian Federation in the field of nature protection;
10) conduct educational, collector activities to preserve and enrich the natural flora;
11) maintenance of educational process as a training base of practice in the field of botany and ecology;
12) carrying out applied scientific research in the field of horticulture, botany, biotechnology, ecology and plant physiology, soil science, ecology, ensuring the development of collection funds and biotechnologies;
13) participation in the system of pre-university and additional education of the Institution;
14) cooperation with the botanical gardens of Russia and other countries of the world;
15) carrying out activities to develop the material and technical base and infrastructure of the Botanical Garden.


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