1. The German Democratic Republic of East Germany started constructing wall on August 13th, 1961.
2. After defeat of Germany in World War II, the Germany was divided into 4 zones and it was controlled by 4 Allied powers.
3. The West Germany was controlled by France, Great Britain and America.
4. The East Germany was controlled by Soviets.
5. The capital of Germany, Berlin was also divided into East and West Berlin.
6. It took only four months to make the Berlin Wall.
7. The main reason behind the construction of Berlin wall was to stop East Germans moving to West German.
8. Before construction of wall the West Germans were allowed to visit East with permit in advance.
9. After construction of Berlin wall even the subways were divided.
10. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev approved the construction of wall.
11. The east side of wall was not covered in graffiti but West side was.
12. Despite the Berlin wall there were several checkpoints that allowed people to visit other side.
13. Charlie Checkpoint was the most famous crossing point and is still famous for museum.
14. The Berlin Wall was 155 kilometers long.
15. The wall was about 11 to 13 feet high.
16. The wall was also called the Iron Curtain.
17. The wall literally divided Europe into democracy and communism.
18. The Berlin Wall was thought as cruelty of Soviets, they had control over the people of East Berlin and their willingness to shoot at people they thought were traitors.
19. After the construction of the wall, about 5,000 people tried to escape.
20. When attempting to escape, about 200 people were killed.
21. In 1979, a Swedish woman married to the Berlin Wall.
22. Before the construction of the wall, 3.5 million East Germans fled to West Germany.
23. Many segments of wall are given in different institutions around the world.
24. East Germany adopted the currency of West Germany On July 1st 1990.
25. The construction was started overnight. In the morning when people woke up there was wire fence dividing the Berlin.
26. At first the wall was just a barbed wire fence. Then it turned into a concrete wall.
27. For two years, starting in 2010, a memorial complex “Berlin Wall” was built.
28. About 28 million euros were invested in the creation of the memorial.
29. In 1963, West Germany tried to destroy the wall with a tank, but failed.
30. Athlete Usain Bolt, who set his fantastic world record in Germany, received as a gift a piece of the Berlin Wall weighing.
31. There were 20 bunkers and 302 observatory towers on Berlin Wall.
32. The pieces of Berlin Wall were sold on eBay.
33. If West Berliners want to get rid of anything they used to throw it on the other side of the wall.
34. The wall divided the Berlin for 28 years and a day.
35. In 1989 the border of Hungary was opened which made the route of escape to Austria for East Germans.
36. The last person who died in process of crossing the wall was escaping in the hot air balloon.
37. November 9th 1989, was the date known for demolition of Berlin wall.
38. Actual demolition started on June 13th 1990 and from 9th November 1989 and June 13th 1990 the wall was guarded.
39. The berlin Wall is actually two walls. There is area of 160 yards between two walls and there were watch towers, guard dog runs, trip wire machine gums and many more.
40. The soviets added thousands of machine gun inside the Wall to control the people of East from escaping.
41. When Guenther Schabowski, East German Politburo member mistakenly announces that East Germans would be allowed to cross into West Germany effective immediately East and the West Germans flooded to the wall that led to its ultimate collapse.
42. David Bowie performed on the west side of the Berlin wall and all the east side people were listening by sticking to the wall. He addressed them from the stage: “We convey our best wishes to all our friends on the other side of the Wall!
43. The East Side Graffiti is the largest and most famous of the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. It is an open-air art gallery now.
44. An East German soldier escaped the wall with tank in 1963.
45. In year 1989, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher requested Soviet President to stop the demolition of Berlin wall.
46. More than 600 border guards escaped to West Berlin.
47. About 98 people were shot and killed when they were trying to cross the wall.
48. The demolition of wall also ended Cold War.
49. On October 3, 1990, East and West Germany were reunited.
50. Today two rows of cobblestones are laid along the Berlin wall in the Berlin City.


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