1.0 Introduction
Andorra’s by Chef Zubir restaurant had officially operated on January 15th. It is a collaboration between Chef Zubir and Dr. Kamsiah, the owner of the Andorra Women’s and children’s hospital. They offer a Hotel-style room service menu with a personalised butler service for all Andorra inpatient. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for patients at the Andorra hospital and as well as for the customers at the restaurant. The menus for in dining patient is different from the ones for the restaurant’s customers. The ambiance that they provide is very calming and romantic. With the dim light and off white interior design, it promotes a very relaxing environment. In the kitchen there are a total of 4 stations. There are pantry, braising, griller and Asian station. Each station have different task in completing a meal. It need a teamwork to make a perfect dish and be done at the right time. This is my second time being a practical student in a restaurant, but this restaurant is a whole lot different from my past experience at the Laman Grill restaurant although both are from the same chef. There are four of us who went for our internship here.The graph below is the layout of the Andorra’s kitchen


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