1. The Mystery of Christ’s INCARNATION
The Mystery of Christ’s incarnation started when “The Word” or “The Word of God” became flesh. The Son of God was said to exist through eternity and had no beginning because He was in the beginning of God. The one and only Son became flesh to deal with our sins. The God–man came to die and suffer for us and bless us with His glory.

The hypostatic union is the combination of the nature of God and nature man. It is said to be the essence of Jesus Christ in a unique person or man. God-Man is the form of Jesus Christ as a true sinless humanity and an undiminished supernatural being.

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This beliefs comes in different forms because of several Christian theologies. Docetism is a belief the physical body of Jesus Christ is not real thus, he never really died. Which also denies the resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Docetism doesn’t acknowledge the biblical doctrine of salvation because Docetism denies the full humanity of Jesus Christ.

The idea of Arianism was proposed by Arius which stated that Jesus Christ is not equal to the Father by nature, but was God’s first creation. There were many who opposed this idea, however, there were also a several biblical arguments which supported the idea that Jesus is not God.


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