Letter from Birmingham Jail essays

Allusions are used in this letter frequently, not only to establish a position, but also to create some emotional appeal for its readers. Martin Luther King Jr. used these allusions strategically, to hopefully convey his message to the eight Alabama clergymen who doubted him and his efforts. Using references to God and the bible are always powerful, for they relate to a well-known and widely accepted, yet highly criticized subject. Religion is a touchy subject, for so many people have their strong, modified beliefs toward it. In King's letter, it's clear to the reader just how strongly he feels in his beliefs, and how he's using that to his advantage.
Being president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference automatically gave King the image of a respectable man in the leadership of the Christian faith. His reference to the fact that "prophets of the eighth century B.C. left their villages and carried their'thus saith the Lord' far beyond the boundaries of their home towns," (262) shows just how extensive his religious knowledge is. Adding to this knowledge would be the mention of the Greek philosopher Socrates, and how he "felt that it was necessary to create a tension in the mind so that individuals could rise from the bondage of myths and half-truths to the unfettered realm of creative analysis and objective appraisal."(263-264). King is clearly a brilliant man. These statements clearly show that he has spent much time in the research and study of religious facts. Ethos is appealed to by King's establishment of his position as a knowledgeable, religious, leadership figure.
Emotions are stirred up well in this letter, with powerful words. "It was practiced superbly by the early Christians, who were willing to face hungry lions and the excruciating pain of chopping blocks rather than submit to certain unjust laws of the Roman Empire" (266). King's use of ph…

Clean Up America! essays

Although we may not notice it, carbon dioxide is constantly released into the atmosphere each day.Throughout the world, people rarely think twice about what we are doing to the environment in our daily lives. As drivers, it is easy to become accustomed to the impact that liquid petroleum has on our necessary traveling sources. Because of this thoughtlessness of others, I decided to research alternative fuel choices. I believe that the United States should further encourage the use of alternative fuels on all automobiles in order to provide the world with a safer and more beneficial way of transportation.
The United State’s problem right now is that we are producing cars that are destroying our atmosphere and our planet. The amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere is harmful. Lerner;s article, ;Alternative Fuel Impacts;, lists and describes the pros and cons of each type of alternative fuel: Biodiesel, Ethanol, and Hydrogen. The article proved to be helpful in allowing me to better understand exactly what alternative fuels are, what they cause, and how much they cost. When conducting my opinion on the use of alternative fuels, I immediately thought about green-house gases and what we could do to limit their negative effects. Lerner obviously supports my thoughts on the topic when he states that the reason so much attention has been place on alternative fuel is that alternative fuels have the potential to lower the greenhouse gas amount that is
released into the atmosphere everyday (Page 1).
What I was not aware of was the certain risks that may come along with going through with it, and the article explains these risks. Lerner (2009) shows the reader that serious consequences can occur from producing and managing alternative fuel sources.I found this statement in the last sentence of the second paragraph very interesting, ;Some of these so-called alternative fuels produce more carbon emissi…

Brief Overview of the film Psycho essays

Mort Mills – California Highway Patrolman
The plot of this film is rather complex and undoubtedly subject to a whole lot of interpretations. Nevertheless the film starts off with the beautiful Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), a real estate secretary in Phoenix, Arizona and lover of Sam Loomis (John Gavin) warning Sam that she is sick and tired of their illegal sexual escapades. She scolds Sam that she wants respectability and the right thing for them would be to get married so that everything would be legitimate. Sam says he is financially handicapped because of a hefty alimony he pays to his ex-wife and obligations to his late father's debtors and insists that they have to wait for some time to put his finances in order before they get married. When Marion's boss gives her $40,000 cash to deposit in the bank, she decides to take off with the money and go see her lover Sam who has returned to Fairvale, California with the intention that they can settle some of the debts and finally get married. Having drove all night and day, she checks into this off- the -road motel. There she meets this timid, shy and stuttering manager Norman Bates who invites her to dinner at his house.
After a loud argument ensues between the manager and his mom who is said to be not too well, they have dinner in the office. Conversations with Norman reveals how trapped he is with his dominant mother but Norman philosophies how ultimately we have all fallen into various traps of our own makings. Marion seems to have had a change of heart and decides to return with the money back to Phoenix the following morning. She is however brutally murdered as she takes her bath by a shadowy figure believed to Norman's mom. A private detective sent by M

Brothels and Convents During the Renaissance essays

In this essay, I will focus mostly on the regulation of both convents and brothels in the time of Shakespeare and the Renaissance. Ruth Mazo Karras', "The Regulation of Brothels in Later Medieval England," focuses exactly on this topic throughout England and other European countries during the Renaissance. In regards to the convents I will be looking closely at an article entitled "Subjects on the World’s Stage: Essays on British Literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,; written by David G. Allen and Robert A. White.
The regulations of brothels during the Renaissance were regarded heavily. Karras says that women within these brothels were basically regarded as evil and as sinners yet they remained occupying the position of prostitution solely because of the sexual appetites of men; these brothels were considered ;a necessary evil;(Karras).
Thefirst parallel between women of convents and stews is the aspect of being forbidden from being a part of every day society. Women who lived in convents were completely shut off from the public – no insiders could leave and no outsiders could come in (Allen). The only difference in the secrecy of these two places was the fact that brothels were visited by men. Karras also states that the women of brothels were not given the rights of “regular” women. ;In some places, she was not allowed to reject any customer, indeed could not be raped because she was considered to belong to all men and thus had no right to withhold consent; (Karras).
These two aspects of women;s lives in this time period play a major part in the drama “Measure for Measure”, and especially set up the scene in the opening act of the play. When Claudio sends for his sister, Isabel, to help him get out of jail, in which he was sentenced to death for having premarital (by the eyes of the church) sex with Juliet, Isabel leaves the convent in which she was about to t…

A Look at Non-Fiction Texts essays

?Non-fiction texts are texts that are true and not, in the simple sense, fictitious. Non-fiction texts record things that actually happened. However, while non-fiction texts may aim to be objective and factual, the truth of a person's life can be colored and distorted by the purposes and perspectives of the author. The subjective experience of people involved in the circumstances and events being re-told and reconstructed.
In the book, “Anna's Story”, 15 year old Anna Wood, living in Sydney's northern suburbs and attending Forest High School, did in fact die tragically on 24 October 1995, three days after taking an ecstasy tablet at a rave party. However, while the reader is presented with honest and deeply-felt accounts from the principal people involved in Anna's shocking loss of life, Bronwyn Donaghy conveys these'facts' through narrative perspectives, emotive language and rhetorical devices which means that the story of Anna's life is not told from a detached and objective standpoint. As a result, Anna's Story, does not reach a lot of conclusions, but leaves many questions unanswered inviting readers to form their own views and opinions about how events happened, who was to blame and how Anna's life may have been saved had people acted differently.
The statement that'non-fiction texts are not always objective' can be seen in the chapter headings of Anna's Story. Varied perspectives of Anna's life are told through the twenty-seven chapters of the book, which include thirteen very personal accounts from Anna's family and friends, in addition to a foreword by a doctor, a message from Kate Ceberano, the author's note, the prologue, an epilogue and a recommended reading list. “Anna's Story” contains many voices which makes the story more subjective. Adding to this, the twenty-seven chapters of Anna's Story are grouped in two parts.

Stereotype of “Pot Heads” essays

In my research proposal, I have conducted research on “Potheads” and the negative connotation that is associated with the name and the subculture. I believe that being a pothead is looked down upon in mainstream society due to how media interprets this specific subculture. Potheads are people who smoke weed in groups or by themselves. There are many people that use it for medicinal purposes and religious purposes but they are still considered Potheads.
According to Dictionary.com, a Pothead is "a person who habitually smokes marijuana." It is what makes them a subculture, the subculture of smoking weed. My research has a lot of importance to help shed some light on the typical stereotypes of what a Pothead really is. The way the media portrays being a Pothead does not account for everyone who smokes weed. If we continue to be ignorant about this specific subculture then we will never truly learn to understand each other not only as a community but also as a country. Being fully functional and smoking weed, as Potheads do, is completely attainable and with this research paper I would like to address that.
Pot has been around for a very long time. Throughout this time people have found many different uses for it, from Native Americans who generally smoke it to the Chinese who used it for medicinal purposes. So does this make a lot of people throughout the world Potheads? Unfortunately due to mainstream media and commercials conducted by the Above the Influence campaign smoking weed has been given a very bad representation. Making people that use Marijuana look like good for nothing-low lives. An example that helped attribute to this was Cheech and Chong. One was an unemployed hippie and the other a Mexican-American that had nothing going for him. They would smoke weed on a regular basis, making them the central imagine of what a Pothead is. These movies are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to misinterpretations…

Working Mother’s, Children and Child Care essays

The number of mothers who need to be the primary or secondary source of family income has increased over the years, creating a greater need for young children to be placed in out-of-home care. Sixty percent of mothers with children under age six worked in 2008 compared with 33% in 1975 (Ruhm, 2011). There are certain policies in place both at state and federal levels that alleviate some of the financial pressure. The most significant is the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which provides some parents the right to twelve weeks of unpaid leave following the birth of a child or for other reasons (Ruhm, 2011).
However, compared to other countries, the United States is much more inadequate in encouraging mothers to stay home. In 2006 the United States was 1 of only 4 nations, of a total of 173, that did not guarantee some measure of paid maternity leave and, even more, significant, all other developed countries provide new parents rights to paid time off from work, and these entitlements often last well into early childhood (Ruhm, 2011). The simple truth is that from the moment of birth, children are learning the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills they will need to succeed and lead productive lives, so, therefore, our government should have policies in place that encourage and support mothers to stay home with their youngest children.
Psychologists have suggested that thefirst year of a child;s life is crucial to child development, because of early influences on brain development, learning skills, self-esteem and emotional security (Peng & Robins, 2010). One U.S. analysis found that return to work by mothers within twelve weeks of giving birth is associated with decreases in well-baby visits, breastfeeding, and child immunizations, and with lower cognitive scores and more behavioral problems at age four (Ruhm, 2011). For an infant to typically develop they must have ;quality

Abnormal DNA Methylation in the Human Genome essays

The methylation of DNA serves as one of the most crucial epigenetic modifications of modern day genetics. Methylation and demethylation of DNA have profound effects on cellular differentiation and processes such as transcription, gene expression, chromatin structure, and suppression of invasive and unwanted genes. Many enzymes work coherently to regulate methylation activity, one of the main being DNA methyltransferase. Any disruptions in the methyltransferase pathway can lead to the modification of regular DNA methylation. The modification of these processes can lead to fatal diseases and various types of cancer.
The two patterns in which atypical DNA methylation fall are hypermethylation and hypomethylation. Relevantly, the cancer genome is quite regularly marked by the hypermethylation of specific genes simultaneous to the decrease in 5-methyl cytosine levels (hypomethylation). Hypermethylation refers to the over methylation of some genes which results in the repression of transcription.
Hypomethylation is a decrease in the methylation of cytosine and adenosine residues in DNA. The decrease in methylation causes the reduction of imprinting and the instability of chromosomal structure. Both patterns of abnormalities of DNA methylation can result in irregulation of gene transcription, which can ultimately lead to the development cancer; however, due to it's characteristic of being reversible, modulation of methylation and methyltransferase is an ideal theraputic and epigenetic target for the various cancers that originate from it.
DNA methylation wasfirst discovered in 1948, and ever since, has generated a substantial amount of controversy as a result of trying to decipher its significance. The methylation of DNA is a covalent modification which results in the addition of a methyl group to ‘the 5th carbon of the cytosine ring. Most of the methylation occurs in the CpG dinucelotide; however, since there can be up to 1…

Government and 1984 by George Orwell essays

Some of the world’s government systems bear similarities to the one that George Orwell created in his book, ;1984; as defined for us through the character of Winston Smith. Governments still spy on civilians in their homes, places of work, and through the social media and even dictate what and what not to write. It is undeniable that;we are kept in check;.(George, 1949)
In his diary, Winston Smith describes a government that oversees every move of society. Every individual was under a 24 hour surveillance amd;telescreens; and microphones monitored whatever they did or say. Anyone that was overheard challenging ;Big brother; (party that ruled the state), or was caught as an offender partaking in undertakings contrary to the party;s legislature, would be arrested by the Thought Police. If the Thought Police became involved, a person may disappear forever and any information on that person would be erased so that no one could prove the person existed.(George, 1949)
Fear is also another mechanism that our governments use to threaten the process of democracy and the transparency of truth. In “1984”, Orwell explains how ;the offender is arrested by the Thought Police and may disappear forever. After disappearing, any information of that person is erased and nobody can prove that this person has ever existed.; Take the instance of activists like Martin Luther King who challenged the government and fought for equality. King was shot, and the force of his presence in the fight for equal rights was eliminated.
The use of propaganda and manipulation is also a major character trait that is used by some governments in their rule of law. This is also demonstrated through Winston Smith in his narration; ;All information is falsified in such a way that the party is proved to have been always right meaning that all the information that they had on the dirty dealings at the time be…

Assessments and Technology in Education essays

Most assessments done in school systems are done after a lesson is taught and is created to show only if a student has learned the material being presented. However, I believe that little is done to measure students progress during the learning process to help them learn better. I also believe that in today's society, we’re not using technology as much as we should to develop and design new assessments both formative and summative. However, I believe that our current school systems have made some adjustments to utilize technology in assessment. For example, it helps us create more effective testing experiences and provide improvements in assessment. Also, technology helps teach us what we should be assessing in student learning.
Today, students need to be tested on how they communicate in the normal world and the virtual cyber-world. Technology has presented an opportunity for students to learn from it. There is so much information on the internet these days, and students should be utilizing it. Using technology, students can acquire concepts in virtually any subject. Just how technology has changed how students are acquiring knowledge and learning, it changes how academic subjects can be taught and assessed. Technology allows us as future teachers to be able to assess our students virtually. We can test them online. We can test them on designing products or conducting experiments with using technology. This is all done with being able to effectively communicate in the technology world.
Another advantage to technology drive assessment and how it can measure student learning is that we can test students inside our school;s walls, and outside. Obviously there are going to be certain criteria that the students must follow when being tested outside the classroom, but it allows students to have the opportunity to correctly research something, acquire the knowledge, and then project it on an assessment. Technology driven as…